wtorek, 15 marca 2011


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  1. hola!
    que recuerdos me ha traido esta fotografia
    los bancoas son los mismos que yo usaba de pequeño, hace ya 50 años...
    gracias por seguir mi blog

  2. Your photos are beautiful. I wish I could read the titles in English, though. I would like to know where they were photographed. Looks like someone enjoys gin. :o) Me, too. Would you please add Google Translator to your blog and then let me know that you did it?

  3. Dear Karen
    Thank you for visiting and kind words.
    I give the address of the translator
    http://translate.google.de/?hl=de&tab=wT # en | de |
    I use it only for reading and writing komentarzy.Jak I do,
    going to introduce a blog already open page translator and keeps it on the bottom bar of the computer must be ready. If you want to translate a comment, you must copy (move) and paste it into an interpreter, for example select the language from Polish into English and all that. Write down how it went.
    I cordially greet. Ira

  4. Witam Ric@rd
    Gracias por su visita y palabras amables.
    Blog de una duración de dos meses, tengo mucho que aprender.
    Saludo cordialmente.